Tuesday, July 16, 2013

VIGODA - A Vignette for Film

Open on an office, a room full of cubicles, there are 5 young staffers (Courtney, Judd, Noble, Cindy and Ting) huddled around one young (Ryan) man at his desk. 
Ryan: I called it the VIGODA Courtney: After Abe? Ryan: Huh? Judd (to Courtney): He doesn't know Courtney nods and scowls at Ryan Ryan: Know what? Courtney: You have no pop culture. Abe Vigoda was a...ah it doesn't matter, why do you call VIGODA? Ryan: It stands for Velocity In Gain Or Decrease Algorithm. It attempts to measure the speed at which a candidate's polling will increase or decrease in left leaning or right leaning districts, but not solid left or solid right districts. I'm trying to get a handle on at what point, the candidate gains traction or should be considered a loss for that district. Telephone rings on Ryan's desk. He answers. Ryan: (checking watch). He's right on time. OK, I'll be right there. (Hangs up telephone). OK, Barnes is here, I gotta do this. Cindy: The beacon of New Hampshire. How did you pull the interview? Ryan: (grabbing suit jacket from the back of the chair) Just luck I guess. 
Conference Room (not large, speaker phone in the middle of the table. TV mounted on one wall, 6 chairs) Receptionist opens the door and shows an African American man wearing an American flag pin in his lapel into the room. Receptonist: Mr. Barnes, please have a seat anywhere you like. May I bring you anything? Roy Barnes: No, I'm fine, thanks. 
Roy Barnes is the African American Republican candidate for an New Hampshire district where he is polling high and seems to be the one to beat. He is well groomed, well spoken, and obviously works out regularly. He is often photographed running or swimming, with his body on full display. 
The door to conference room opens and Ryan, a young African American male hurriedly walks in. He is wearing a suit carelessly in contrast to Roy Barnes' meticulous stylish, yet conservative attire. Ryan approaches Roy with an outstretched hand. Ryan: Mr. Barnes, it's nice to meet you. I'm Ryan Hattern and I'll be conducting this interview on behalf of Thom Roy Barnes: You know (flexing arm) I work out a lot. Do you?
Barnes: Yeah, you look it. Where? I go to SportsClub so that I have access when I travel. Also they have an excellent steam room. You ever go there?
Ryan: Looking at his note to prepare for the interview Shakes head
Barnes: You should (leans back, and rubs his stomach) it feels great to take a nice long steam. I have some guest passes if you would like to check it out. Perhaps we could get a workout in too.

Ryan: Nods
Ryan: Ah, I'm pretty busy right now. So you are originally from Boston, is that correct?
Barnes: Yeah, I grew up in New Hampshire though. My family moved when I was 11. We own a farm up there. Majestic beauty, away from everything.
Ryan: And this is your first entry into politics?
Barnes: Yep, my first go.
Ryan: Can you tell me why you are running for office aside from the campaign rhetoric?
Barnes: What do you think about hitting the gym tonight?