Monday, August 01, 2016

Coffee & Sardines

The morning is crisp and cool. The air is clear. My mind is clear. I open a tin of sardines. I feel pride swell as I think about how much has changed with what and how I eat. My sardines are delicious, a bit dry despite being packed in water. I drink water to wash a bite down.
"Smaller bites," I think as I chew.
I pour another measure of water into the coffee filter. My eyes glance around our simple kitchen. With its wood floors and concrete counter tops. Outside I see the tomato plants are responding to Erika's care and doing very well. I don't even know what kind of tomatoes they are. The best part - don't care. I think about how mushy, juicy and seedy they will be as I cut them. Slicing tomatoes is an elusive art.
I think about the day ahead. After my coffee, I'll help Takei in the field where he grows vegetables. He grows whatever he thinks Yutaka wants, or whatever Yutaka has said he likes. Potatoes, cucumbers green onions, and rice. Plenty of rice. We give lots of the harvest away.
Working with him in the field seems to be a comforting way to start the day. It's satisfying to grow even a small amount of the food we eat. We don't speak much. We don't need to. What needs to be done is simple enough.
My favorite time is the harvesting of the persimmons. We hang them by their stems on a clothes line. They dry. They become delicious. Seeing them hanging by the delicately cut "T" of their stems is peaceful and useful.
As I put on my boots I think about the rest of the day. I am researching visual psychology. It's very interesting what arrests people's behaviors visually.
"I should do a podcast with an expert and use the findings," I say to myself.
I'm outlining a course that I can put together and offer online. Something that would teach others in a simple and meaningful manner. More than an introduction. More of a moderate level.
I have an office away from home. Erika has her Little Happy Things which she prefers to run from home. She likes to switch back and forth between working on that and doing stuff at home. She asks me to go away during the day and I'm happy to oblige. I like to get out a bit.
Sometimes I will walk with Yutaka. His school isn't far. Usually he will take transit or ride his bicycle. Sometimes he will walk with me. Sometimes we will bike together.
As I arrive in my office on the 2nd Floor of a small building. I reflect upon what needs to be done. I have some calls to return. Some calls to make. I'm always on the lookout for great guest for my VR simul cast. We engage in an experience with others as well. There is also a discussion about the VR adaptation of my book. Immersive and thrilling. The team is all over the world so timing is our main concern when scheduling our meetings. This project is what has lead me to some very interesting work and an interest in visual psychology. Learning this platform has been tremendous.
The office is trading floor style. Open, movable and flexible. I leased extra space to use as an incubator. I pick a founder who is smart, passionate and understands his idea Several are there working and conversing. I provide guidance, space, feedback to those working here. Creating leaders is amazing.
I only work for a few hours a day. I like to go home around 2pm to spend some time with Erika before Yutaka gets home around 5:30 - 6pm. This is  our time. I've always preferred to have intimacy during the day. So much more delicious.