Friday, June 15, 2007

Keep Your Life In Balance, Ethics Will Follow

A 2007 Deloitte and Touche USA LLP Ethics and Workplace survey shows a strong relationship between having an excellent life/work balance and positive ethical behavior. Additionally it showed that management and supervisors who offer positive reinforcement for ethical behavior have a major impact on their employees as well.

If you are dependent on your job for all of your psychological needs you may be leading yourself to a dangerous place regarding your self worth, and where you fit in the world at large. This can become especially dangerous and lead to unethical behavior with there is an ethical dilemma that has a major impact at work. Those whose entire lives are tied up into what the position on their business card reads, may not make the most ethical decision or take the most ethical action, if they think it will result in a negative at work.

There is also an interesting note on job dissatisfaction. The survey found that 60% of those surveyed believe that job dissatisfaction is a leading reason why people make unethical decisions at work.

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