Friday, August 10, 2007

Mortgage Market Craziness

The feds are trying to provide some liquidity to the mortgage market (maybe even accepting those pesky mortgage backed securities as collateral) while the market has priced a 55% change of a rate cut into it. Meanwhile, Homebanc files for bankruptcy, Washington Mutual and Countrywide are on the ropes, and all bank stocks are dropping on fears of everything from mortgage market illiquidity to dwindling investment banking fees.

It's an interesting time to be a loan officer out there looking to build his book of business. I think this is an excellent time to establish myself and someone who is still in the game, who works for a lender who can close and fund (very important) the loan. It's a time to gear up and make those calls to possible referral sources that I've been putting off. To work with developers whose preferred mortgage broker may not be able to close the jumbo loan.

I think I'll be able to increase my book of business during this shake out.

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