Sunday, July 19, 2009

The media is myopic

I'm watching CNN this Sunday morning, and they've elected to continue their extensive coverage of one of their own's death. Walter Cronkite died the other day, a sad event much as anyone dying is. But a historic event? I think not. The man was a news reporter, perhaps even a good one, though I wouldn't really know being too young to truly remember his reporting style. I've seen less coverage of a statesman dying, or of the thousands that are unjustly dying throughout the world right this very minute. Is CNN covering this? Of course not. They cannot see past their own noses, they think they are newsworthy. I thought the whole point of the reporter was to observe and report. Since when did they become the news? If Mr. Cronkite was the reporter and newsman they are saying he was, would he be embarassed right now?

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