Wednesday, July 23, 2014

First Things First

I've had a little experience with the real estate broker world. My mother was one. I have a license in my state, have had one since around 2006. I have a broker's license in fact.

First off, I'm going to demise the entity of Metropolitan Real Estate Group, and merge the broker's license over to Jeffrey Loyd & Associates LLC another entity that I have. I have feedback from a trusted advisor that this is the route to go. Metropolitan is certainly not wowing me in the branding department, so why not?

Now that I've made that decision, I'm going to have to establish that as the real estate brokerage entity. Tomorrow I call the New York State Department of State to begin necessary arrangements.

Meanwhile, I'm say a little something about how I plan to operate.

First of all, I plan to do commercial real estate only. I do not want to get involved in residential real estate even in this market. I do not plan to do things in the traditional manner. I don't want to list properties for sale, nor do I want to drag customers around looking at buildings.

What I want to do is work the phones, day after day (Monday through Friday) and with careful scripting, a robust CRM, a targeted area of concentration (geographic), and try to get enough people interested in buying or selling that I can effect a match. Or a meeting of the minds as they say.

Do I have all of this mapped out yet? No I do not.

Do I think this will be easy? No I do not.

Do I think that I can earn $ in this manner. Yes I do. It well suited to my personality.

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